Summer recreation offer in LVM Nature Park in Tērvete

26.08.2021 13:08

In the Latvia’s State Forest Nature Park in Tērvete, walking routes open the door to a fairy tale. Go into the forest and explore more than 35 km of trails in different parts of the nature park. Dream, relax and discover!

In LVM Nature Park in Tērvete you can see not only the great Tērvete pines in the Gnome forest, but also a fantastic mushroom forest! In the Gnome yard you can meet the cordial Gnome family, make a wooden toy and go exploring Gnome village – the village houses are constantly changing, the fences are growing in both space and beauty. There is something else hidden on the very edge of Tērvete Bridge – the large wooden observation tower of Tērvete from which the landscape of Zemgale can be seen on a 25 m high viewing platform. The stairs and sideas of the observation tower are of a closed type, so that those who are a afraid can climb the tower as well. Nearby, following the wooden signs, surrounded by a forest, there is the Dwarf town Čiekure with more than 40 colorful wooden houses – here you can crawl and explore the life, crafts and even wisdom of the city dwarves. In the dwarf forest, the magic of fairy tales will be captured by the youngest friends of the forest, preschool and primary school childrens.

Fans of long walks will appreciate the vastness of Tērvete pine forest, where almost 400 ha of various park trails can be walked. In order to see the most popular parts of the nature park during a longer walk, the most convenient way is to take the Sprīdītis trail that connects Rūķīši and Pasaku forest – here the more active visitors can go for obstacle tests.

However, there is another object rich in activities – Tērvete Air Trails made from rope and wooden constructions. Everyone is invited here – both big and small – to test their strength and draw an obstacle course. The air trails offer to catch the 4 winds in a 200 m long cable ride surrounded by the big pines of Tērvete. More information: 29944079.

Discover the oldest and most traditional part of the nature park – the Fairytale Forest, in the depths of the forest. Here you can see various wooden sculptures that have long formed the mood of the park – the King of the Forest and its court, spiders and bats in the Witch's forest, as well as the world of Maija and Paija with frogs and a well to the underground kingdom. In this part of the park you can meet the brightest personality of all forest folks – Little Forest Witch. She can help to get rid of all the naughtiness.

Near the Little Forest Witch’s house, in a meadow, there is an Amusement Square. Everyone can test their abilities and balance on the Lutausis and Sprīdītis trail, as well as go exploring a wooden castle. Below the Amusement Square there is a large wooden Labyrinth, which invites you to walk its paths.

New oportunities for active recreation are located next to the large car park in Kurbads land. There a new active recreation park has been opened – Tērvete Tarzan with nine tracks of different difficulty levels created in trees and with more than 100 obstacles. Here, too, the difficulty levels vary, with more difficult obstacles included in each subsequent track. Information, activities and prices:

Right next to ir, the largest net park in the Baltics has been opened – the Tērvete net park, where everyone can jump and play. The tracks of the net park are made in trees at a height of about 6 meters. Here you can walk on nets and houses in the trees, jump on trampolines and ball fields. Information, activities and prices:

The Tērvete Butterfly Tropical House is also nearby. Its visitors have the opportunity to see more than 100 butterflies from Asia, South America and Africa. There are also various tropical inhabitants – lizards, turtles, frogs, etc. Note that the air temperature is maintained at around 30 degrees and higher, according to the natural habitat of butterflies! Information, activities and prices:

Tērvete is stunningly beautiful! One day is no longer enough to enjoy Tērvete's tourism, recreation and landscape offer. LVM Nature park in Tērvete wihses you a great time spent in the nature!

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