Spring is coming in Pokaiņi forest

11.02.2022 15:02

A new year has started in the Latvia’s State Forest (LSF) - Pokaiņi forest with new breezes and hopes. Spring is getting closer day by day, at times melting the deep swaths of snow piled up during winter, raising the waters in rivers and lakes of Latvia. The sun is caressing the earth more often, stimulating the strength of small buds in branches. In spite of that the mother of snow still relentlessly shakes her cushions, covering the area again with a dazzling white snow blanket. Just now ancient Latvian traditional holiday Meteņi, which are also holiday that celebrates waiting for spring, have ended. Visitors to LSF Pokaiņi forest enjoyed the magic and the power of nature of this day by self-organised ancient songs, dances, masks, and a ritual bonfire.

The places of strength in LSF Pokaiņi forest are increasingly revealed after the winter peace under the thick cover of snow. The Pyramid of Wishes is waiting for every new wish that every visitor can wish for, leaving it with their own pebble. Sitting in the chairs of the zodiac signs, the energetic power of the position of the cosmic planetary stars can be revealed, while in the Great Pyramid, everyone can harmonize their inner world and the environment around them. Steep hills and deep valleys, stairs and footbridges, a series of 15 km long, small trails will allow everyone to “ventilate their head”, flex their legs and feel present with themselves even if only for a moment. 

Everyone is welcome to LSF Pokaiņi forest, alone or with family, friends, and their pets!

When purchasing tickets for a visit to the forest, we invite you to use a face mask, keep a distance from other visitors and to keep to current regulations of safety.

Latvia’s State Forest invites to welcome spring in the nature!


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