Family festival “Forest Stories in Kangari” invites to go to nature

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Family festival “Forest Stories in Kangari”. May 11, nature reserve “Lielie Kangari”, Ropaži region

“Learn. Get to know. Protect.” – such motto will invite everyone to visit Family festival “Forest Stories in Kangari”, which will take place on May 11 of 2019 at the nature reserve “Lielie Kangari” starting from 12 noon. Entrance in the event free of charge.

To give an opportunity to take a peek at the nature reserve “Lielie Kangari”, the NATURA 2000 territory of unique beauty with countless natural values, which can be found on every step in the close by nature reserve territory, Ropaži region municipality in 2018 has built and at the beginning of this year has opened a new tourist destination – a 2 km long nature trail and the second highest view tower in Latvia (33 m).

Nature trail goes through the territory of forest and bog, passes by the Kangari Lake, which is located next to unique natural formations – a diversity of special protection plant and animal species and evidence of prehistoric times that have a significant role in culture creation processes.

In spring nature wakes up very colourfully, and to pay attention to the beautiful and unique around us and to appreciate the unique heritage of the nature reserve, Ropaži region municipality invites everyone to visit the Family festival “Forest Stories in Kangari”.

Festival’s activities, whose names embody nuances that are characteristic to Kangari forest, will be spread throughout all of the nature trail's territory as separate workshops and gathering places. They will invite to get to know the interaction between Latvian natural diversity and culture through music, drama, craft, folklore and science.

“The Forest of Experts” – a sequence of scientific research lectures by researchers of different fields:

  • “Geologic formation of Kangari Hills”, Agnis Rečs, researcher of the University of Latvia Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences;
  • “Green pharmacy of nature” – plants found in forest and in other places of Latvian nature that can be used in folk medicine effectively, Līga Eglīte, representative of “Cēsis Culture and Tourist Centre”;
  • “Big man's bed – Ķoderi castle mound” – research history of Ķoderi castle mound, Elīna Guščika, lecturer and researcher of the University of Latvia Faculty of History and Philosophy;
  • “Spring mushrooms – eat or not to eat?” – mushrooms found in forest in spring and their use in diet, Liene Dārta Lukstiņa, laboratory assistant of the Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava";
  • “Tree and timber” – correct collection, preparation and use of timber, Solvita Krodziniece, researcher of Forest Faculty of the Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies;
  • “Making ropes from linden barks”, Edvards Puciriuss, a master of old crafts from Estonia;
  • “Livonian language heritage in Ropaži region” – place names in Ropaži region, that have derived from Livonian language, Valts Ernštreits, head of University of Latvia Livonian Institute. 
  • “The Forest of Crafts” – demonstrations and workshops of old craft masters still practising the crafts today:

  • Bone and horn processing workshop with researcher Viesturs Āboliņš;
  • Pottery with potters Baiba Dumpe and Einārs Dumpis;
  • Plank hewing and cutting workshop with Artūrs Zirnis and Juris Deģis;
  • Textile dyeing with forest goods, together with Anete Karlsone;
  • Bow master workshop with historical bow making master Māris Zvērs.
  • “The forest of Livonia” – the presence of Livonian culture in Kangari territory (the name Kangari also comes from Livonian language, in translation it means “hill”).

    The populizer of traditional culture, folklore friend group “Skandinieki” lead by Julgī Stalte and representatives of Livonian culture:

  • Learning and writing of animal, bird and tree names in Livonian language;
  • Livonian songs with kokle accompaniment;
  • Livonian beliefs and folklore;
  • Games in Livonian language.
  • “The Forest of Sounds” – pleasant music in interaction with nature and culture; enjoyment and meeting in an unusual environment. In the evening concert “Forest of Sounds”, which symbolises the close connection between human and nature, will perform well known Latvian musicians – Imants Daksis, ensemble “Manta” and band “Baložu pilni pagalmi”.

    “The Forest of Lake” – educational hikes with bogshoes through a boggy shore of Kangars Lake together with “Purva bridēji”.

    “The Forest of Tales and Stories” – stories, tales and legends about Kangari Hills.

    “The Forest of Stars” – a room of universe created with mirrors – cube “EsKosmoss”, where the combination of sounds and lights give way to fantasies. In the room everyone will be given a chance to hear and see tale fantasy of their own ancestors, crossing the borders between forest reality, and the one created by mirrors and you.

    “Catch Nature” – game will introduce all visitors of the new nature trail with the unique values of nature in nature reserve “Lielie Kangari”.

    “Forest Post Office” – forest post office of Kangari, which has been specially created for the festival, will offer all visitors to send free of charge postcards with pictures of Kagari Hillls and forest.

    Event supported by: Ropaži region municipality, JSC “Latvijas valats meži”, State Culture Capital Foundation.

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