The latest of recreation possibilities in LVM nature park in Tērvete

17.08.2021 21:08

The hiking trails of Latvia’s state forest nature park in Tērvete are open for visitors and offer you to take a 35 km long walk on almost 400 ha of land. But we take the safety of our visitors seriously. That’s why a few safety measures have been implemented:

  • The houses of the gnome town Čiekure as well as the wooden watch tower have been closed. The access is restricted for the obstacle trails;
  • The fairytale characters for the time being do not communicate with the visitors. Rides on the Fairytale trolley are not available and the cafe is closed as well. We encourage you to opt for a leisurely walk on the more quiet trails while keeping the recommended distance from other visitors.

The oldest and sunniest place of the park – Irši garden or Sun’s mood park will be perfectly suited for those who prefer to walk in scenic surroundings. This is where the first trails were born in 1958. Here you can overview the bands on river Tērvete, as well as hills and valleys that are so uncharacteristic to the plains of Zemgale. This part of the park not only offers walks on long and steep stairs, but also sitting down and taking rest on the many benches located at the best viewpoints.

Currently an especially impressive rebirth and renovation is going on at the Gnome forest and town Čiekure – the thematic part of the LVM nature park in Tērvete. The Gnome town’s fences have been all spruced up, including the Windmill fence. But the town has grown by a few more colorful and thematic houses. Now the number of houses has reached more than 40. however, due to the current situation, the houses are closed, but anyone can still take a walk in the streets of the Gnome town.

The Fairytale forest is still ruled over by the King of Forest – a ruler with a sword in his hands and a friendly smile on his lips. Here you can see many wooden sculptures – the guard of King of Forest, the court people, the Caller and others. You can also find the hut of Miser and the mushrooms growin on the side of the trail, a house on a chicken’s leg where the Witch of the Woods lives. The forest is also a place where a character named Sumpurnītis lives, the spiders have wowen their webs and owls race with bats on who can fly around the fastest.

Now the LVM nature park’s in Tērvete World of Sprīdītis has been joined by the Land of Kurbads with its sports activities, forest exploration and adventures. Here you can feel like a true adventurer! Last year this part of the park was opened by the opening ceremony of the Tērvete bicycle park. The bicycle trail is located right across the road to the parking lot. The obstacle course of the trail has been constructed with the rellief in mind, creating various hills, trampolines, turns and bridges at the lengts of almost 3 kilometres. There are also 10 informational stations that let you know about the surrounding wildlife and processes happening in the forest.

The park has also taken care of the nature lovers, fishing enthusiasts and those who love to spend the night amongst the wilderness – LVM Tērvete reservoir is reopening for its active season. The boat base offers 11 boats for rent, there are more than 20 new or renovated footbridges, as well as a possibility to spend the nigh in the lodges at the banks of the reservoir. Get more information about the offer by calling the supervisor (mobile +371 26115333).


Get inspired and get in the nature!

LVM nature park in Tērvete urges you to take the needed precautions and socially distance from other visitors when going in the nature.


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